Extremities: The North and South Poles of Love

(disclaimer: photo not mine)
This is that point in time in my life when everything about the word “love” seems to be in disproportionate angles. It is such an extreme thing, don’t you think? if you look at Love from afar, it seems so perfect, so lovely,so sweet, and so divine. However, when you take a magnifying glass and lean closer, you’ll notice how ragged, thorny, confusing, and tiring it is at the same time. This is the first time in four years I have cried helplessly for someone I love. I have realized that Love is so bipolar- like the never-meeting ends of the North and South Pole.

The North Pole:
Love is many many things. It is the worried call of a mother to her child,a bouquet of flowers and chocolates for a lover, a guiding hand of a father who is teaching his son how to walk, etc. In the course of my relationship with Edmund, Love showed itself to me in his hugs and kisses, his minutes of waiting for me when I’m in the restroom, his enthusiasm in showing me his passion for cars, among others. True enough, Love makes us feel like a princess with our knight in shining armor at our beck and call.
The South Pole:
Although Love is a lot of good and wonderful things, it is also a combination of hurt and anger. This is the first time I have become so angry and disappointed in a lover. Sometimes the attitude of people we love are so unreasonable we cannot keep up with it. Even in the most minute and trivial things, there is always something to be angry about. Love is tiresome and exhausting. It leaves you feeling depleted physically and emotionally.
The Meridian:
With these pockets of realizations, I came to the understanding that in order to have a tamed grip on Love, there is only God who can take charge in our relationships. He is the ultimate source of true, unconditional, real Love that we must draw from. Getting insights from a devotional book I am currently reading, the author exclaims that “a woman after God’s own heart has a heart that serves, submits, prays, and loves”. God is the only one who can give us the grace to keep on keeping on despite the trials and despite the person. We have to offer to Him all our human relationships- whether with family, friends, or a lover – in order for Him to take full control of our reins. When we do so, we will find out how easy it is to love and forgive one another!
Love may be bipolar, but you can always assure yourself that there is a God who is concerned of your human ties. Let Him take the lead, and be amazed at how His grace keeps your relationships blooming in and out of season.

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