Food For The Soul: A Musician’s Thing

It’s always been my piano and me ever since I was a kid. Learning it is hard, but not impossible. Continuing it is a past time I really enjoy from the moment I set my hands on it, even until this day. I’ve done numerous covers on my Facebook (you can follow me here). Check them out if you have time- that would make me really happy! Learning an instrument teaches you a lot of things and I’d like to share some of them to you guys:

1. Patience

Just as a toddler stumbles and falls as he learns how to walk, the same analogy applies to learning a musical instrument. In piano, I started from square one. It was like learning ABC for the first time. simple notes became regular patterns, and regular patterns became complicated chords and staffs. You really have to be patient when it comes to learning your craft because success doesn’t happen overnight.

2. Creativity

Music and Arts make you practice your creativity. When I do covers, I search a lot of piano styles on the Tube and then try to sync them. I’ve stopped my piano lessons when I was in 4th grade because my piano teacher moved to another region permanently, and she was the best one I had. I then decided to do Ouido – a shadow style of playing the piano by hearing.

3. Fun

Music led me to a lot of other people who share the same passion as I have. I’ve met hardcore rock enthusiasts to chill jazz and classical maestros. It’s always fun to see ourselves jamming and getting on a creative high when we play our musical instruments. We always end up playing two or more songs in the long run.

If you want to put some art in your life, learn an instrument, learn an art. It doesn’t have to be an expensive keyboard or set of paints and brushes. Start small. Start with baby steps. You’ll be surprised to see how far you have gone.

Have a good day! 🙂


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