Why Discouragement Will Make You Question Everything

It’s not easy to be in a state of constant discouragement. You may seem all happy,  fun,  and carefree,  but deep down inside you know that something is tugging at your heart-something that is more of a burden-that wants to be let out from your chest.  For me, Discouragement is the root cause of increasing suicidal rates,diminishing morale, and poverty,  to name a few.

There’s a specific side of discouragement that I’d like to share with you here – and that’s the spiritual one.

Spiritual Discouragement is a state where your doubt overpowers your faith in God and His people. It keeps you from receiving the richness of His blessings because it shrouds your vision of His person, His word, and His sovereignty in everything.

There’ve been many times that I felt this same thing, but today it hit me the hardest. It’s painful to know that the person you look up to,  the person to whom you have given the most respect, will do an irresponsible act that will leave you questioning: why?  Why?  Why?

It’s been a turbulent time in our spiritual journeys for many of us in my family. Why did s/he do it? Why did s/he choose to do one of the very things that is against what we have been taught? Why is s/he being so stone-hearted? During these moments it seemed like God’s hand was tucked away behind His back.

I still don’t know what the outcome of all this is going to be. I don’t know who to look up to anymore. I don’t know what to believe in anymore. I just hope that everything will be healed. Broken friendships will be restored. Faith in God will be revived. Grace may continue to abound.


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