Hair Dilemmas: The Oval-Shaped Face Girl’s Guide to Sporting Short Hairstyles

Every time I get a new  haircut, I always feel excited and expectant. Every time the stylist’s scissors cuts inch by inch of my hair, I can already imagine how I would look like. Girls are so fond of styling their hair- of course- because The Almighty made it to be their crowning glory. Although we prefer many hairstyles, we have to take into consideration how they would match to the total look we want.

Today I’ll show you the past Short Hairstyles I’ve sported as an Oval-faced shape girl. Enjoy!

A. The Pixie

I first wore this hairstyle way back when I was in third year college. The impulse just came over me one day and I decided to chop off my long mane for something new. My friends were shocked and amazed at my bravery to cut off my then long hair, and all the more happy with the result. They said it suited me perfectly! Any girl would want to try really really short hair some time in her life. I mean, who doesn’t, right? But you have to be careful when deciding on cutting your long mane that you’ve been growing out for so long. If you don’t want to regret the outcome, research on the hairstyle you want to have. Assess the shape of your face and google up styles that would go with it. 🙂

B. The Awkward Bob

The Awkward Bob is one of the hardest short hairstyles any girl can come across with. It’s that phase when your hair is slowly growing out from the super short pixie cut to a longer, fuller, and softer look. When I entered this stage, I always brushed my hair with a roller brush because it really helps in keeping my short fringes in place. I also use Vitress to smoothen out the baby hairs.

C. The Long Bob

Aah. Finally passed the awkard Bob stage. This is the current length of my hair now. I can finally tie it, braid it, and even make a donut bun out of it! When you’ve come to this stage in your Short Hairstyle journey, the only enemy you have are your bangs because seriously they just keep on covering half of your face. I continue to use Roller Brush for this length because it tucks my locks in neatly.

I’m planning to go back to my usual long mane this time.

And it’s totally taking me Forever! But I have to be patient and resist the urge to cut my hair again. No matter what look you choose though, always remember that you are beautiful inside out. Rock that edgy pixie. Keep your head high in that awkward bob! Confidence starts from within, and that’s something only you yourself can carry- even without the trendy hairstyle.

So werk it girl! 🙂

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