Get Real: Why You Don’t Have to Bother

(Disclaimer: photo not mine)
Let’s face it. There have been countless times when many of us seemed to feel constrained and bounded because of one critical factor that almost always makes or breaks us: What Others Think. Have you felt so conscious about what people might daresay about the way you carry yourself that every time you walk out of your house and into the outside world, you just can’t help but worry,  “Am I going to fail today?  Will I be able to meet his/her expectations today? Will I be good enough today? ”
Being mindful of what others think about you is not at all bad in itself. There are times that other people’s opinions matter and should be considered, especially if these help you decide for major decisions that will make lasting impacts in your life. But what if others think negative things about you? What if others esteem you as someone who is unworthy and undeserving of every good thing that you have in your life? What if other people talk behind your back for a right of choice you made that probably disabled theirs?
This I say: Don’t even bother. 
Don’t bother getting to know these kind of people. You will only end up feeling disheartened and inferior. They are the toxic ones that you should always avoid. They tend to show a kind of superiority complex to make themselves look good in the eyes of others. Don’t bother the negativity they emit towards you. Shrug it off from your shoulders and leave it to them to wallow in. You are not paid nor obligated to carry the burden of their distaste towards you. People who talk behind your back are behind you for a reason, cliché as that statement may sound. They will always be your number one fans. They keep themselves updated with what’s been going on in your life (secretly). You never know you already have a fans club on the rise!
I wish I can easily follow and take to heart all of the things I’ve said a moment ago. It’s definitely not that easy, considering that we are all beings of feelings and emotions.  We feel happiness and pain and hurt simultaneously. For you, however, heed my simple advice. Being conscious about these type of people’s opinions about you will only tire you more.  Don’t mind them. Don’t wear yourself out trying to rebut them. They are a very competitive bunch and will not stand the thought of losing an argument with you. Leave them be, and live your life according to the standards you have set for it. You have the right to a peaceful and quiet environment with the people you love and who love you for YOU.
Do what you love. Stay interesting . Be happy. Live each day to the fullest. Life is too short for all that drama.

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