7 Things Old Couples Teach Us About Love

Disclaimer: photo not mine
There’s always that feeling of happiness every time I see an old couple showing affection for one another like they are still in their teenage years. Holding hands while walking, treating their favorite “Apo” to lunch together, these gestures certainly make my heart feel giddy and joyful.
What wisdom can we gain from these people who have stood the tests of Love and Time?
A. Be romantic- even when you’re old.
There’s nothing more sweet than an old gentleman still giving a bouquet of roses and cards to his lady. I am lucky enough to have met one couple who still practiced this thoughtful way of saying “I love you” right until their last breaths.
B. Love takes courage.
It is so easy to get caught up in the feeling of Love when everything is all good. But what if death or sickness comes? How can you be able to show it? It takes a mountain of courage to remain calm in the middle of a crisis. I most definitely saw this in my grandma when my grandpa went home to heaven five years ago.
C. Love is forgiving.
The pains of the past are nothing more than just mere reminders of how human we really are. Nevertheless, Love is shown when you forgive again and again. I am beyond blessed to have met old couples who remained faithful to each other despite their partners’ mistakes.
D. Love is fun.
Who said oldies don’t have humor? I vividly remember the times when me, my grandpa and grandma would sit in our terrace while listening to Lolo’s hilarious jokes. Love should be like that. Love should be carefree and fun.
E. Never stop showing how you love one another.
Sometimes we people have this attitude of being a Great Starter, but a Sore Finisher in the end. True Love is eternal. As the great St. Paul said in one of his epistles, ” be ye kind one to another.” (ephesians 4:32)
F. Love is steadfast.
How do you define “steadfast”? It means being “firm, unwavering, immovable, Β and strongly founded.” I appreciate how old couples remain faithful to their partners. It is just so heartwarming to learn that in an age where Infidelity is a norm, there are still a select few who value the importance of faithfulness.
G. Love is founded in God.
Last, but definitely the most important lesson of all. Without God in the center of the equation, any couple wouldn’t have the grace to continue on in the relationship. It is such an honor to listen to the testimonies of old lovers who have made Christ as the anchor of their relationship.
The truth about Love is that it can only be given first and foremost if you have it. And if you do, give it willingly. Give it fully. Christ took Love very seriously when He died on the cross for our sins. He gave it all for us. Our view of Love should be like that. It should be special, precious, priceless. When you have that kind of Love, no amount of trial or struggle can hinder you from showing it one hundred percent. Treat your special someone with utmost respect. Guard his or her heart with all diligence. Give True Love the value it deserves.
Got love lessons to share? Don’t forget to comment!:)

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