A Man Who Strikes Your Pride is For Keeps

(disclaimer: photo not mine)
It’s been a year and three months since Edmund and I have been steady. In that span of time I have learned a lot, and I’m still learning a lot about him every single day. Sometimes a moment with him is mixed with laughter,  sadness, and anger all wrapped up in one. We as a couple are a, should I say,  melting pot of emotions, dreams, reasoning, and faith. The one thing that I am surely fond of him is his ability,  his talent,  to question my pride.
As a career woman in the making, I have many principles and ideals that I uphold and take pride in. I take pride in my job, I take pride in my beliefs, I take pride in my choices, I take pride in my opinions. Edmund though,  always seems to have a way with him as he questions all of these things. If you’re dating or in a relationship with someone like him, keep him.
A. He will question, but He will not impose.
A man who questions your choices and opinions is a man who cares for your intelligence. Edmund most of the time quizzes me with things I already forgot about. He quizzes me on my Math, he makes me doubt on my investment choices, he even questions my faith. That kind of a man is someone who values real and substantial conversation, and your intellectual growth.
B. He corrects wrong behavior, and that’s totally okay.
Edmund and I have had our clashes every now and then. My pride in sticking to the “i’m always right” kind of attitude has been a struggle for me. And Edmund has since helped me battle and ride this flaw of mine. He makes me see the wrong in my action, and I’m always thankful for that.
C. He doesn’t always let you win.
May it be an argument, a sport,  or a video game, a man who truly cares for you doesn’t always let you win. He wants you to experience the reality of losing- and learning-so that you can appreciate the value of winning.
D. He is the first one to say sorry-even if He’s not at fault.
Edmund has pricked my pride ever since he apologized every time we fought. Most of them were not even his fault. That kind of humility is something worth learning and worth applying in anyone’s life-including mine. He has put a leash on my pride and placed it in a more proper perspective.
Spending time with the person who strikes your pride is of utmost importance. You can practically learn and gain wisdom from him or her. Sure, there may be times when it just seems like you’re having War of the Worlds fights, but in the end,  as Maroon 5 so famously sang, “It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s compromise that moves us along. “. Keeping this person will make you grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, and furthermore, spiritually. Never let him or her go until he or she gives you a reason to do the contrary. Wanting the person to be happy can mean that someday you’re not going to be a part of it. But until then, love him, care for him, play with him, have fun with him, endure with him, fight for him.
Your thoughts? Don’t forget to comment!:)


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