She’s Got A Lion in Her Heart

It’s been a while since I’ve been following Online Magazine pages on Facebook, and more often than not most of their posts describe what it means to be a strong woman – a woman who speaks her mind,  a woman who believes she is in control of her life,  and a woman who is independent. 

While these in themselves are good qualities, I believe there are far better traits that women of today need to possess:

A. Be a Woman after God’s Own Heart
Recently I’ve started the habit of taking quiet times with my Lord again after many years of selfish, “me” time.  A woman after God’s heart is one of the best desires any girl can have.  If you have this passion,  don’t lose it. Let God be the captain of your life.

B.  Be a Woman with a Submissive and Teachable spirit

We girls are taught by media to stand up for what we think is right, what we think makes us happy,  and all that pep talk.  But how can we know what the right thing to do is if we don’t have an absolute standard to compare it with?  Being a submissive woman doesn’t imply weakness or blindness to follow anyone in authority. A submissive and teachable woman gauges what she follows and what she believes in against Biblical Principles and standards.

C. Be a Woman Who is Considerate of Her Brothers
By brothers,  I mean all your male family members and friends.  Again and again,  media has bombarded us with the latest fashion trends – and these FADs are getting all the more provocative.  A woman of strength is one who minds the spiritual wellbeing of her brothers, Christian or not.  Whether we like it or yes,  when we wear something that reveals more than what is required,  men begin to have imaginings.  And believe me you don’t want to find out what those are.  Be considerate.

D. Put Your Adornments in Proper Perspective
External aids are not bad. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few minutes for makeup and other beauty essentials. We ladies are experts in that area.  But a BEAUTIFUL woman is more than just the outward appearance.  She is kind, gentle, patient, meek, humble, sincere, loving, and God-fearing. Her inner beauty – a heart after God’s own heart, is what makes her a precious treasure for anyone.

E. Be a Woman of Responsibility

Responsibility is a word that is feared by many of us.  We don’t like being obligated.  We resent the feeling of being accountable. A woman of strength isn’t so. She revels in responsibility. She delights
in making sure she does what is required of her with a hundred and ten percent effort. Though we tend to fail in this area most of the time, failure doesn’t mean you don’t have the chance to get it right.  There is always a chance, but it only lasts so much.  Make sure it counts.

I hope these qualities of a Woman of strength,  a Woman after God’s own heart,  inspire you to check your own thoughts and dreams,  your own motives, in why you do things the way you do. You alone can answer that. You alone can only attest to that.


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