Of Convenants and Vows: A Cord of Three Strands Is Not Easily Broken

(C) Raychard Kho Photography

Last Saturday’s affair was one that will forever be memorable to me. One of my “Barkada”, Kariza Go, tied the knot with her her long-time boyfriend, Carlo. Kariza has always been the type of girl that prefers simplicity over extravagance, though she is overflowing with such beauty and abundance.

Marriage has been embedded in human history since time immemorial, and to be able to spend your entire life with someone you really love, someone you can confide in when no one else is around, is such a great treasure to hold.

One of my favorite parts in their magical wedding was the Cord Ceremony. When I attend occasions like these, I never really give it much thought what those”sub-ceremonies” are for. But, because of Cay’s wedding, I have finally realized it’s importance.

(Disclaimer:Photo not mine)

“A cord of three strands is not easily broken”. Ecclesiastes 4:12.

There are three colors in the Cord – White, Gold, and Purple. the White strand symbolizes the Wife. The Gold one is for the Husband. You might wonder, who is the third strand in the cord aside from Kariza and Carlo?  The third and final one, Purple, symbolizes God. For any Christian couple, God is always and will be part of the equation.You cannot erase Him. His presence is what keeps the two strands, the Husband and the Wife, “braided”together.

Marriage is built and founded by God and it has never been of human origin. That is why it is such a disappointment and disgrace how we have degraded its sacredness to premarital sex, rape, one night stands, and etc.

I hope and pray that I too, am able to keep myself until the day I finally give my whole self to my husband. Let’s always remember to intertwine our lives, whether single or in a relationship, with the Giver and Source of all Life, Love, Joy, Peace, Grace, and Mercy, God. A cord of three strands is not easily broken.

(P.S. I got to take a photo with one of the famous bloggers in the Philippines, ms. Kryz Uy! *fangirl mode on* Sorry for the low quality )

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