FONDNESS: Never Be Too Fond of Your Lover

(Disclaimer: photo not mine)

You eat from each other’s plates. You share inside jokes that no one else seems to understand. He let’s you borrow his shirt. You let him shower in your home after a basketball game. Life for the both of you has been comfortable- really comfortable. However, getting too fond of each other may have some disadvantages to your relationship.
A. You are prone to disrespecting each other.
Because you know the person inside and out, there’s a tendency for either of you to use an embarrassing moment or a past mistake to justify your act of disrespecting him or her. Although it’s good to dig in real deep into a person’s character, never use the things you discover about the individual as an excuse to rob him or her of respect.
B. You may show more PDA.
An arm around the shoulders never really hurt anyone, but getting too comfortable displaying your affections in public (smooching, kissing, etc.) may cause other people to think bad of you. We are always encouraged to not care what people think, to have that you-and-me-against-the-world attitude, but sometimes your public audience may make or break your reputation. 
C. Sharing stories to his or her family tends to be more about you.
When you go steady with someone, you also take into account going steady with his family and friends. Sometimes though, when we have become close enough with them, we tend to converse with them in a more self-centered manner. It’s nice to share stories about you, but you also have to make time to listen to what they want to talk with you.
These are just some of the things I’ve learned throughout the course of my relationship with my love. I hope these will make some sense to you as you read and internalize them. Any thoughts to share? Don’t forget to comment! 🙂
Have a nice day!

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