Let Love Do the Mending

Disclaimer: photo not mine

It’s a rarity to actually find couples kiss and make up – not in the literal sense of the phrase – these days.  Sometimes when relationships get into a rough patch,  we immediately resort to further breaking them than mending them. 

When you and your beloved have some major misunderstandings,  what do you do to rebuild burned bridges?

A.  Be the first to say “I’m sorry”.

It might be hard,  yes,  but it’s worth it.  The other person may accept your apology or not,  but at least you became the better one by lowering your ego. 

B.  Hug him/her.

My boyfriend and I fight a lot,  but at the end of the day,  a good hug is all we need.  Same as for every couple,  hugs can be relieving and may calm down both your nerves so you can focus on what went wrong.

C.  Remind the person that you love him/her.

Say “I love you” every time you’re in a fight.  Believe me,  it has patched up a lot of my misunderstandings with my boyfriend. You can add a little kiss or two to make it sweeter.  ❤

D.  Cuddle to a movie together.

When Edmund and I both raise our white flags,  we always end up watching a movie or two with some homemade coffee smoothie and a bag of chips.  It’s always nice to snuggle up and do something relaxing to release the tensions that strained us.  You can try it too with your love. 

How do you kiss and make up?  Share your thoughts!  🙂


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