When There’s Not Enough Love

Have you ever felt that sometimes, that tightening grip in your chest when you feel you’re losing ground with the one you dearly love? Relationships have not always been beds of roses. They never will be. There will always be times when you just can’t take the other person. There will be times when Life seems to be overflowing with so much goodness for the both of you. It’s always a 50-50 ratio.

When there’s not enough Love, what do you do?

A. Remember why you chose to be with the person.

The day you fall in love is the day you have to remember most. Why did you fall for that person? What makes that individual so special that leaving him or her would be detrimental to you?

B. Think of the good times.

Dark days only highlight the bright ones. So think of those good old days, and think of them often. It is always a pleasure to the heart when it remembers the things that makes it happy.

C. Ask yourself: are you committed to the person?

It is not so much a question of happiness as it is a question of commitment. Being in a relationship doesn’t always count on feelings of Love. Feelings change. What counts and what matters is your decision to stay no matter what you feel. It has always been a mind over heart scenario.

D. Seek happy energy.

Sometimes we people love to wallow ourselves in wells of sadness and despair. Don’t! Choose to be with happy people- people who want to see you happy too. They will give you warm encouragements you need to keep steady.

E. Pray.

Prayer has always been essential to any person. Christian or not, we have always had that incling to get in touch with a higher Spiritual Being. Pray about your relationship. Offer it to your God. Ask Him to intervene,to rekindle,and enflame your lost sparks.

As Paramore so often tells us, “why do we like to hurt so much?”


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