Why Intelligent Women Are Intimidating

After reading this article, flashbacks of my bestfriend in college and I talking about the Intelligence of a Woman suddenly came crashing through. As I think about it, most women who are labeled as “intelligent” are also branded as “intimidating”. Why do you think that is?

1. An intelligent woman knows a lot of things.

From the Arts, to Cars, to Business, to World economy- you name it, she knows it. An intelligent woman need not dig in to a certain issue thoroughly. All she needs is the big picture, and she’s overflowing with thoughts of her own about the matter.

2. An intelligent woman talks a lot about her dreams.

All of us have our dreams. We dream of graduating from school, landing a good job, having just enough to provide for our future families, etc. But an intelligent woman? Hers are far-fetched. Sometimes people often discourage her, saying that her dreams are just too high for her. But that’s what invigorates and drives her and keeps her interesting for those who appreciate people like her.

3. An intelligent woman questions – a lot.

Just like a kid who is slowly taking in his surroundings, he often asks a lot of questions, and most of them begin with”why?”. The same is true for intelligent women. They do not take what they read or see or hear as it is. They inquire.

4. An intelligent woman responds with a “thank you” rather than with a “it was nothing”.

Girls and boys, you have probably heard a lot of your peers say “it’s not true” or “it was nothing” or “chamba lang to” when they are commended, right? These responses are often common with women. I wonder why we can’t respond with a sincere “thank you” and acknowledge the compliment? Wouldn’t it be an insult to the other person if you do not thank him or her for the praise?

5. An intelligent woman strives.

If you truly are intelligent, you won’t stop learning. It is a never-ending cycle to learn. Being intelligent means thirsting and begging for knowledge and wisdom, and never settling for mediocrity. A great musician is not a great musician if he hasn’t finished all levels needed for learning his instrument/craft.

6. An intelligent woman saves.

Young professionals who are first – time employees have the tendency to splurge when payday comes. An intelligent woman, however, appreciates the value of saving and investing. Most women in my company who are top-ranked always say to us that practicality is important. Though it’s healthy to indulge once in a while, Β it’s much healthier to know where to put your money in.

7. An intelligent woman has high standards.

Most people often refer to her as a “high-maintenance” chick. But if you really know your worth, wouldn’t you set high standards for yourself as well? ’nuff said.

8. An intelligent woman balances her standards and contentment.

Having high standards doesn’t necessarily mean aiming to be really wealthy or famous or powerful. An intelligent woman knows the value of a quiet and peaceful life. She values quality over quantity.

These may not be applicable to all, but these qualities of an Intelligent Woman are definitely what makes her stand out. There may be many more traits you can ascribe to her. Feel free to discover and do so.

Have a good day!


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