The Break Up Playlist: 10 songs for the Broken-Hearted

This is the third (3rd) Filipino movie I have watched this year. From Crazy for You, to Just the Way You Are, it seems that being exposed to these kind of films now and then have, well, increased my appreciation for these Wattpad based sweet flicks.

(Disclaimer: poster not mine)

In all fairness, I like how the concept of this film is all about music- noting the fact that I am such a music lover ever since. And because this is a playlist, I’ve put up my own list of downtrodden songs for all of you who have been hurt a time or two before. These are great to listen to when you feel like reminiscing your past loves. Don’t worry, they’ll aslo help you move on. Count on it. 😉
10 songs for the woeful heart:
1. Paper Hearts – Tori Kelly
2. Don’t Wanna Try – Frankie J
3. Dear No One – Tori Kelly
4. Over You – Carly Rae Jepsen
5. Sana – Up Dharma Down
6. My Heart – Paramore
7. Never Let This Go – Paramore
8. Same Ground – Kitchie Nadal
9. Take It Back – Toni Braxton Ft. R. Kelly
10. Where Did We Go Wrong – Toni Braxton Ft. R. Kelly
What’s your compilation of the saddest songs you have heard? Leave a comment! 🙂

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