Agree To Disagree

#LoveWins.  This hashtag has become famous in just 24 hours. Almost all of the world has been rejoicing about the recent SCOTUS ruling in the whole 50 states of the US that gives equal rights for LGBT or Lesbians,  Gays,  Bisexuals,  or Transgenders to marry as any man and woman. We have always strived for Equality,  and this historic move has been a major trademark for that goal. 

Though many are so happy with this big leap,  there are also several of us who are worried – the Conservative Christians.  We have been on the lookout for colossal steps like these,  and that day has finally come and gone.  But before bashing us because of our so-called “hatred” and “close-mindedness”, please understand these pleas:

A. We have our stand

As much as you have your own set of beliefs,  we also do.  Please understand that we often disagree with the world’s views because that is what we decisively choose to follow and stand for. I do not support homosexuality nor homosexual marriage. That is my voice.

B.  We do our best not to judge

We understand that there are many who say they are christians do the exact opposites of what Christ has been teaching,  and that there are those who don’t follow him at all who live more morally upright lives.  We do our best not to cast the first stone because we have no right to judge anyone. Only God has. Christ himself did not throw a stone at the prostitute who was taken in the town square to be killed.

C.  We still love you

I have many gay and lesbian friends,  and they are my good friends,  and I love them just the same. Let us just agree to disagree because we each are entitled to our own beliefs.

God bless us all.


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