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An Open Letter to the Woman Who Thought I Cheated With Her Ex


It has  been quite a while since that encounter with you. It was one of those times when I wished I had much courage to confront you head on because I clearly saw my pride and my anger were kindled against you.

The hurtful things you or your friends have said to your Ex were enough to make me explode with fury. I bore ill-will against you for all those words you’ve said. But I guess I’m much more like Courage the cowardly dog now, am I? because yes, I admit I was too coward to even think up of mind-blowing speeches to throw at you every time you texted him those messages. I’m glad of my cowardice though, because it made me realize that it’s not worth fighting over.  Just to clear things up, 1.) he never cheated with me while you were still together. That I can strongly assure. A mutual friend has seconded that even before we met your relationship was on sinking sand. 2.) Our lips were sealed. We never let out a rumor pointing to you as the “desperate Ex.” 3.) Honestly, never during that entire time did you ask me what was going on between me and your ex while you two were still together. Heck, I was surviving my way through work. I was not attached to anyone, not even him then. Woman, My presence, my mere existence may disgust and remind you of that pain you harbored for a time,  but do know that I did not have any intention of stealing him from you when you both were still in love with each other. My God, I was happy for the both of you and I wished you well enough to last forever. Don’t take it out against him either, because he is frail and weak. I hope your sweet freedom will bring you to new places, new experiences, and new people. I hope that your sweet freedom will be instrumental to achieving your dreams. And I hope your sweet freedom may let you experience God in the utmost high.


The “Ex-Stealing” Girl

4 Responses to “An Open Letter to the Woman Who Thought I Cheated With Her Ex”

  1. Anonymous

    Bei, wala koy knowledge anang one week after na pagbulag sapagkatinuod lng. If i had known, di gyud ko mudayon. I am not the type to dig in kung unsay nahitabo. Kung unsay gisulti sa ako coming from the guy mismo, d man sad ko mutuo kung dili sincero ang pagrelay sa tao sa akoa. And a friend also confirmed kung unsay gsulti sa akoa na nagtugma man sad ilang storya..


  2. Anonymous

    Enter your comment…para mahilum na ni. nagsugod na ug di maau amo daan na relationship since december pa adto and gikapoy nako ug lisud sabton. spoiled and di kaau kasabot unsay paminaw na gukapoy gikan trabho, kung makatulog kay gikapoy, kung di makareply kay gatrabho ug grbe mag sturya ug di maayo kay gikapoy ang tao. dili to one week kay siya ra mismo ang sigeg ayos2 sa social media account nako. gikapoy nako ug unta makasbot mo nga sane nga tao pd ko ug di ko basta2 lang migasto ug 10k para sa weekend mularga lang nga way something special ug dili sabtun nga gtrabho ko ug di ko permi makaatiman kung unsay gnhan drtso basta lang. ug siya mismo gna disobey ko niya. so whats up??? period na ni kay sumo ug kapoy nah. nagskwela tang tanan


  3. Anonymous

    The woman you are referring to did not talk ill against you because all that were ever said were true. Even the walls have eyes. We feel the guilt you are carrying. But if you are truly happy, my advice, just let bygones be bygones.


  4. Anonymous

    I am actually one of those who were shocked by the things that happened last year. I knew the girl who was broken into pieces, and believe me, you don't know what she was feeling at that time. She may had said some things back then, but that was all because of pain. I was actually one of those who tried to understand both sides, even your side of story, but jumping into a relationship a week after break up is pure stupidity. Yes, it was probably because of love blah blah, but it was so wrong, very wrong…

    It can be considered cheating, like c'mon, a week after? What do you think people would think? So there must be something going on while their relationship was on the rocks.

    Kung tarung pa ta maghunahuna, dili ka mu jump dretso into such situation, balo ka nga shaky, bago pajud bulag. Seriously.



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