Misconceptions of being a 21st Century Christian Woman

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Whether or not you were born right into a Christian family or you were invited by a friend to a Church organizational meeting and got shared with the Gospel, misconceptions about Christianity have been raging since God knows when. The Christian Woman, in  particular, has had a lot of criticisms which have “graced” her existence.
1. A Christian Woman  is very holy/saintly.
This has probably been one of the most outstanding misconceptions I have encountered. Being born with a Christian-Baptist background, people from other faiths have always referred to me or any of my fellow believers as “holy” or “untouchable”. We have been branded as “too good to be in the company of regular religious lay”. Truth be told, we are far from what we have been described- I myself am not excluded. We are human, just like all of us are, and we fall short of God’s standards 10,000 times a day without us realizing it. So don’t tell us we are “holy” or “saintly” because we’re only doing our best to be by God’s grace.
2. A Christian Woman does not like being associated with the “kids on the wrong side of the tracks”.
Seriously? We have had more unbelieving friends than we do Christian ones. And people say we hate associating with these kind of individuals. Our fellow Christian brethren often make the mistake of judging the set of friends or acquaintances we have formed, and it is usually the most common and poorest judgement a person has made about us. While it is true that “bad company corrupts good manners“, it is also true that “those who are well do not need a doctor.” These kids we often label as “coming from the wrong side of the tracks” are the ones that need the most love, the most care, and the most guidance. We try to befriend them in the hopes of shining the light of Christ’s love through our lives.
3. A Christian Woman is too strict when it comes to fashion.
We believe that “everything should be done decently and in order.” It has been an ongoing debate in many of our Baptist churches today about the standards of Modest dressing. As a Christian-Baptist Woman in the 21st Century, we are bombarded with the latest trends in fashion, and I, and most certainly you, can see that women of today are more opinionated when it comes to what they wear, how they wear, and when they wear what they want to wear. The only things we keep in mind when it comes to fashion is a. whether what we wear becomes a stumbling block to our fellow brothers and sisters, and b. whether our objective on why we wear such adornment is a reflection  of our inner man. You can be fashionable and trendy without compromising God’s standard of decency.
4. A Christian Woman is free from trials and temptations.
Definitely no. If you’re thinking our lives are bandbox perfect or we are so lucky to be born in such good families, think again. There’s more that meets the eye to a Christian Woman than just a life labeled as a bed of roses. Her existence is a combination of losses and wins,  and heartaches and heartbreaks. She has contained many scars in her soul, but chooses to lift them all up to God who cares deeply for her, knowing that all of these shall pass.
There are still many unidentified misconceptions about Christian Women today, but I hope that these few thoughts on such things may give light and realization as to how we look at each other.

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