Travelling Solo: Going Urban

Travelling has always been a favorite past time for many of us because of the many sights and sounds,  and the countless wonderful experiences we learn of another people’s culture.

Makati has been in my list of top places to visit every time I go to Manila.  I’ve just been there last Wednesday, and it was the same nostalgic feeling that came over me  when I walked through its familiar streets. 
Traveling solo for the first time has made me feel a lot more confident about myself.  The last time I went to Manila for work was with a colleague. Now that I have many trainings to attend at Head Office,  most of it are just on my own.  
Travelling solo has also made me more adventurous, considering that I wander often into the center of Makati which is an immensely busy hub. 
When you travel alone,  you sometimes feel scared and doubtful about yourself.  And that’s normal,  because you don’t have any company to share the fear with. But as you continue to walk and discover
the nooks and crannies of a place,  you’ll soon realize it’s not so bad after all.

I hope you find the courage to go on a solo flight when you travel.  Where you go becomes a part of you somehow,  and that’s one thing to be thankful for.  Walk and walk and walk.  Savor the sight of urban landscapes or the rural countryside. Take time to appreciate everything that’s happening around you.  Observe people,  and smile at them.  Don’t be afraid to talk and befriend anyone in that place.  You will soon find that traveling is worth every penny. 

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