Summer Ain’t Over!

As the title goes,  summer ain’t over yet for me and my Security Bank Family. 

Instead of just staying in the four walls of Cagayan de Oro,  we travelled to one of the best tourist destinations here in the Philippines,  the pristine island of Camiguin! 🙂

It’s been 5 years since I last visited this island paradise!
We made it early to the port of Balingoan through a rented van.  Travelling with your workmates is truly an enjoyable experience every professional shouldn’t miss.
Arriving at Camiguin at around 12nn,  we had our lunch at the Lagoon Restaurant in Taguines.  It is a peaceful and quaint place to have a fellowship luncheon.  Most of the menu is seafood so it is not too heavy for the tummy. 
Waking up to this view is definitely awesome. ♥
Our second stop was the Mangrove Park which is also situated in Taguines.  When you cross their bamboo bridges and notice the surrounding mangroves,  it’s as if you’re in a different time and place.
Simply divine.
We dropped by our hotel, Pabua Resort in Yumbing to unload a bit.
Off we go!
We stopped by a spot in the zigzag road we were crossing to our first stop.  The scenery was as breathtaking as waiting for that momentous proposal from a fiancé.
I’m on top of the world!
Look at those crystal clear waters. ♥
Groufie with the gang! 😀
Tuasan Falls is a newly developed falls with a very attractive view. We had a quick dip in its cold waters.  Good thing I had my waterproof cellphone case and I was able to take good shots while in the water.

My friends Michelle and Cham having a sweet moment. XD

Our next stop was Soda Pool,  a cold wellspring which is situated just a few kilometers away from our last stop for the night, Ardent Hot Springs.
Before going to our last destination for the day,  we went to see the renowned Sunken Cemetery.  Until now,  I am still amazed by its history and its rich colors especially during the sunset.
Ardent was still full of people as the first time I visited it (way back elementary years,  mind you), but the springs are not as fresh and as “ardent” as its name suggests anymore.  We only took less than an hour there and we finally went home to the resort.  Dinner was an enjoyable feast.
We cooked our own grilled pork, “Sinugbang Baboy” and grilled Bangus.

Tonight,  we’re just chilling in the comfort our patio. Tomorrow is another adventure.

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