Privacy and Social Media

Disclaimer: photo not mine

Privacy has always been an issue that is constantly being tackled and challenged even to this day. Now that we are in the age of Social Media,  it is easy to know that Bob is travelling to San Francisco sipping a specially made brewed coffee on Facebook.  It is easy to see that Carla has a thing for palm trees and beach sand on Instagram.  It is easier to tell that Dylan doesn’t like his job and that his boss is such a jackass on Twitter.

Clearly,  Social Media has made open more outlets for our emotions, ideas,  and prejudices among others.  But this community of the sort that Social Media has made is quite a dangerous place to be.

1. Your reputation is at risk.

You may be dying to post that beach bod you’ve been working on all summer, but it may be a bit inappropriate if your boss or any of your co-workers see you in a scantily clad bikini with booze and a tongue-out pose. You may be itching to rant how your ex is such a jerk and that his/her new girl/guy is so “fugly” and that the two of them are both compatible fools and a**holes,  but this reaction will probably leave people with the impression that you have an attitude problem. Being vocal about it does not necessarily equate to being real.

2. Your safety is compromised.

Social Media has become an avenue for people to let others know where they are anywhere in the world,  but sometimes this can be the cause of missing persons and kidnappings. Turning on that location button or check-in status may allow online hackers to track you where you are and do some serious damages on you and your family. Be careful not to post too much of your whereabouts online.

3. Your relationships are publicly validated.

People do not need to know if you and your bae are doing so well,  or that you just bought yourself a grand house with an indoor pool,  a veranda,  and collection of sports cars.  We are infected with the idea that we need the affirmation of others through likes and retweets to be able to feel esteemed (guilty as charged here. ).

4. Your attention is diverted to things that don’t matter.

Why do you need to know the latest thing about anyone in the first place? You should be more concentrated in your offline relationships rather than those you have online.

Social Media has both good and bad sides to it,  that’s why we need to be cautious on which side we are using. 

Have a good night!


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