You Know What? We Made It

A year has passed since I have had a new relationship going on, and I had my fair share of criticisms and bashes, cheers and support from different people. Love was definitely not an easy ride for both Edmund and I. You could probably predict that we weren’t going to last half a year with the bucketful of negative experiences we had with each of our past. But you know what? We made it.

Starting out a relationship with a guy who had so much going on was quite a critical stage. The time I had with my past love was quiet and tranquil. We didn’t even fight over such things as “third parties”. But the odds were probably against us, because we just came to a point that we just drifted apart- though it was never due to the presence of another person. Edmund and I were just regular acquaintances, the kind you’d never expect to meet again when you have parted ways after College.But meet we did after many coincidental encounters. I was not even interested at all in him because he had a girl. I was busy with my own life, dreaming my very own career turning point.
* Dive 2.0
Β Fate, or Destiny, or whatever you call it, however, tied our knots again, and allowed us time to get to know what’s been going on with each of our daily lives. Going steady with a guy who just came from a breakup is a step very few women like to dive into. I took that dive. It was scary knowing that a lot of people will most likely refer to you as the “Rebound Girl”. I was called with more hurtful words than just the ” Rebound Girl”- “Bitch” was not even half of it, not to mention the whole story was told as if Edmund cheated with me. It was as twisted as it could get. The first few months we had were tiring for the both of us. Dealing with stress from the outside world- work, family, and yes, the haters exhausted us entirely. I guess what kept us holding on was the thought that eventually everything will settle after being shaken. And we made it.
* Differences

Now that we’ve come across 365 days of being together, we have discovered a lot of differences. We found a lot of attitudes that we disliked about each other. There were days on end that even the smallest things about each other irritated us and made us fight a lot. I want to let you guys know that ours is not a smooth-sailing relationship. And I guess that’s what makes it more worth it- seeing your differences and still sticking with each other at the end of the day. And yes, we made it.
* Everyday Above Ground is a Great Day

It has been a roller coaster year, but we made it. To the people who think we wouldn’t make it, thank you for your discouragements. They have found a way to help us encourage ourselves even more. To the people who were supportive of us, thank you for your warm love. You have shown us the essence of kindness towards each other. To the Lord, who has shown us more grace than we both deserve, thank You for Your constant protection and blessings. You have made us realized that everyday above ground is a great day indeed if we live our lives in honor of You. We may fail, or sometimes choose to fail considerably, but Your grace and love and mercy are just overflowing. You are the reason we made it this far. May You continually help us make it to the rest of our lives.

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