Weekend Movies for the Family

Watching a movie or two during the weekend may be a common activity for most of us, but it is definitely a relaxing way to unwind and just enjoy a good film with the whole gang.

For this week’s weekender movies, Edmund and I decided to watch Paul Blart-Mall Cop 2 and Big Game.

Disclaimer: photos not mine.

1.) Paul Blart – Mall Cop 2

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First up, this movie was definitely one that had me giggling and laughing during the entire screening. Paul Blart was a single Dad who had a major separation anxiety crisis going on in his life. He had an only daughter from a wife of six days (yes, she immediately filed a divorce thereafter for whatever reason I do not know. I haven’t seen part 1 so yeah.). One day, he received a letter of invitation to attend a prestigious awarding ceremony for Mall Security Officers to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Consequently, His daughter also received a letter of acceptance to a prestigious college, UCLA. To make the story short, while they were attending his awarding ceremony, she got involved with a group of robbers of renowned art paintings inside the Hotel they were staying and was taken hostage. It was up to Paul Blart to save her and the paintings from getting smuggled. What I loved about the movie was the consistency of the humor. It was not too funny that it made it boring. There was no dead air in any of the scenes, and the unfortunate turn of events for Paul made the movie all the more appealing. It also taught the value of giving importance to parents, especially the single fathers and mothers out there who would risk anything, even their own lives, to ensure the safety of their children. I’d probably give this movie a 7 out of 10 rating.

2.) Big Game

Just now, we watched another family-inclined movie, Big Game. Oskari, the protagonist, is a Finnish 13 year-old boy who was about to undergo a tradition that was held in his family for generations- hunting alone in the woods at night Β and bringing back a prey in the morning. On the other part of the sky, the President of the United States of America (starring Samuel L. Jackson) on board the Airforce One, was betrayed by one of his guards and was force ejected in a small pod while his plane was blown to pieces by unidentified terrorists. He landed near Oskari’s campsite, and when they finally met, they started out a journey of survival. Honestly, I thought the movie was gonna be boring, but as we watched through the whole film, I began to like Oskari and Pres. William ( Jackson )’s characters. Oskari was a brave lad who wanted to prove he could be a great hunter and have his picture hung on the walls of their house, together with his ancestors, while William was a president on the outside, but a terrified and ignorant man on the inside who didn’t know as much as holding a gun. Both of them had their insecurities and fears, but together they outbattled their opponents and saved each other. I’d give this movie an 8 out of 10.

I hope you guys also enjoyed the weekend by watching a movie with your family. Oh, and Happy Mothers’ Day to all great mothers out there! We love you! πŸ™‚


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