Women: Then and Now

This isn’t going to be another misconceptions post, mind you. I just had this boggling idea of taking bits and pieces of what I knew of women then and what I know of women now. I guess it somehow helps me look at myself through my observations of others. It helps me assess where I am, how I am, and who I am, really.

Disclaimer: photos not mine.

Women Then:

a. Conservative

“Conservative” can mean a lot of things for different women nowadays. But mostly I connect this term with fashion, and maybe a little bit of language. Women then were practically covered everywhere-head to toe.And language, well, women then probably also knew a handful of foul words, but I heard it lesser then compared to now.

Women Now:

a. Radical

Women today are seen as opinionated, strong, confident. Clearly the opposite of what we thought of women then. We voice out our thoughts and are not afraid to do so. Fashion has also completely evolved. Media always tell us that Fashion is dressing the way you want in whatever piece of cloth you have. But I know a lot of ladies who revert back to the classics.

Women Then:

b. Reserved

By “reserved” I mean the stereotypical housewife. My Lola once told me that being a housewife is already an honorable job in itself. And yes, she is right about that. Being a mother and a housekeeper at the same time is commendable work. Women then clearly loved staying at home.

Women Now:

b. Opinionated

With the rise of feminism and women’s rights, women today have changed the course of the employee-employer segment. Many women top it off in multi-national companies, making competition a lot more tighter with men.

Women Then:

c. Damsels in distress

You remember Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, don’t you? All of these Disney princesses portrayed the damsel-in-distress roles which many women then also adapted. Abuse was a subject that barely crept out of a woman’s mouth back then.

Women Now:

c. Fighter

Many groups against women violence today have emerged, and a lot of women have begun to value the importance of learning self-defense. Martial Arts classes are increasingly becoming more popular especially among young women today.

These point of views I have of women then and now may or may not be true to all. Times are constantly changing. The only thing is, however you view yourself right now, whether as an old-fashioned woman or not, always see yourself as someone of value not only to the people around you, but most of all in God’s eyes. You are loved, you are precious, and you are His daughter. ♥

disclaimer: all images are not mine.


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