Busting the “Walang Forever” Mentality

Disclaimer: photo not mine.

You’ve heard this expression probably a thousand times a day. It seems to me that many people nowadays are so pessimistic about everything- from jobs, to love relationships, to friendships, even to family ties. It’s so easy for us to say , “walang forever” to people who have hurt us in one way or another, or have probably gone on to higher ground while you’re still stuck in subzero. It’s a pain in the ears really, and I’d like to bust that mentality away.

1. Focus on the “now”.

The future can be blurry, the past can be dark, but the present is surely something to be thankful for. Focusing on the present makes you want to keep precious moments embedded in that specific point in time. A road trip with friends, a fun picnic with the family, a morning exercise with your beloved, all of these can be turned into memories that will last forever. There’s no need for iphones or Note 4’s or Ipads to capture it. Write it on the table of your heart.

2. Never compare.

Easier said than done. However, comparing yourself with others may tempt you into thinking bad thoughts of other people- like wishing they get into an accident, or probably get demoted, things like that. It nurtures the “walang forever” mentality of bitter people. It springs from jealousy, and jealousy can be a consuming fire if not tamed. If you stop comparing, your mind will be trained to do away with bad thoughts that are springboards of “walang forever”. Entertain positive thoughts for everyone you meet.

3. Don’t get too hooked on telenovelas.

A lot of these TV series don’t know a thing about Love, and they almost always show negative values that are slowly being adapted by the youth today – like “walang forever”. They make us feel bitter about those who have it all good. They let us think Love is an oozing feeling of “kilig” moments, and getting revenge is the best comeback.

4. Read the Bible.

I don’t intend to sound preachy, but the promises that God has written in the Scriptures are forever. You can definitely count on that. The Psalms, Proverbs, Genesis, basically the whole Bible has His
promises stamped all over it! All you have to do is read, understand, and apply.

5. Don’t entertain gossips.

Again, another “easier said than done” kind of feeling. Gossip can really spark our curiosity of one person, but entertaining it can bring us that “walang forever” mentality more often than not. When we hear a lot of rumors from others, try to think if what you hear is good for you, and for the person being gossiped about.

6. Enjoy yourself

Do recreational activities you haven’t done before. Travel to places you haven’t been before. Learn new things you haven’t learned before. Go for anything new. That way you wouldn’t have time to be bitter and wallow the “walang forever” Β mentality because you’re so busy enjoying yourself!

Have a good night! πŸ™‚


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