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Closet Makeover: How to Organize your Closet


A lot of us girls have little to no room to spare for our many, many MANY clothes. Many of us like to collect – from tops to dresses to jeans to skirts – and there are way, way too many styles that we want to incorporate in our daily #ootds. Because of this, our closets almost vomit already due to the squished amount of clothes we want to fit inside them.

 So how do we clean our closets?

Here are my own takes on how I maintain a closet-friendly atmosphere in my little room:
Arranging by color helps me a lot to identify the items I wanna pair up when I look for an outfit. My clothes meant for outdoors are placed on the higher stacks while my indoor clothes are placed below.

Again, aside from arranging by color, I also segregate them according to purpose or use. Most of my outdoor clothing are placed on the higher shelves while the indoor ones are placed below. talk about OC.

Mounted hangers save me a lot of time and space because I don’t have to have a hard time removing intertwined necklace chains one from the other! 🙂


I still haven’t finished arranging my hanged dresses yet, but more or less I group the ones I use almost everyday in the bottom cabinet while the not-so-used ones are placed on top. I also arranged my frequently used bags so I can easily pick them out.

It’s never too late to start with the habit of simply cleaning up our closets. This sometimes shows other people how we organize events and situations in our personal lives.

For every closet problem, there’s always a solution.Try rummaging through the clothes that you don’t usually wear anymore and probably give them out to those persons whom you know don’t have much. Not only do you do an act of kindness, you also save your closet from hoarding too much clothes!

Have a fun closet-clean up day, girls! 🙂

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