Iligan, I Missed You

Long holidays are my favorite days.  It certainly allows me to spend more time for some recreational activities like travelling out of town and getting a sip of fresh air from the province. 

How are you spending your Labor Day holiday?

This morning Edmund and I met the sunrise as we drove to Iligan,  which used to be his hometown when he was just a kid.  You’d have to pass through roughly seven (7) municipalities before reaching Iligan namely: Laguindingan,  Gitagum, Libertad, Initao,  Naawan, Manticao and Lugait

We drove for an hour and forty-five minutes and when we finally arrived, we let out breaths that we seemed to have held during the whole drive. 

We stopped at Manticao to see the graves of Edmund’s grandparents. Hearing him talk about his memories shows how much of a family person he is.

We finally hit the road to Iligan City and were welcomed by nature with a mix of ancient buildings and busy streets.

We met 2 of Edmund’s childhood friends,  Lanz and Pete,  who became our tour guides in going about the city. I only took a few snaps because the place was jam-packed with people and I was afraid I might lose my phone.  ;(

We had our luncheon at Chrisven Fried Chicken in barangay Pala-o, where Edmund’s house was located. The three of them talked almost all of the time.  Imagine not seeing your friends for five years. 😮

We then went around the city – shopped at one of it’s longest standing mall,  Gaisano,  and then went to the thriftier side of the city, a shopping center called Trendline (owned by one of my classmates in highschool) and finally,  we walked a strip of tiangge stores, Iligan Shoe Center,  which hosts a lot of shoes you can’t choose what to buy.  Seriously.

Like all other travel logs,  our journey must come to an end.  Edmund said his goodbyes to his two friends,  and at 3 pm we drove back to Cagayan de Oro. It was a tiring yet really fun day though it was kinda “bitin.”

I really hope Edmund and I can spend more time travelling together. Always explore,  but never forget where you came from.

Have a good day! 🙂

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