Ten Things I Want to Do Before I Die

There are probably a million, even a gazillion things that I wanna do before I reach the end of this lifetime. I hope I can do just even half of it, if time allows.

1. Be an Art Teacher for toddlers.
I have always been fond of kids. I can’t even contain my excitement when I become a parent someday! It’s so refreshing to be around children. Sometimes they teach you the most basic things in life that you’ve probably forgotten. I want to be able to create art together with them and show them how enjoyable it is to color and imagine. 
2. Cook really really good meals.
Right now I’m not even one fourth of what I know about cooking. I only know the fried stuff. I plan to enroll myself in a TESDA or Technical Education and Skills Development Authority cooking course next year so I can learn how to cook good dishes for me and my family. 🙂
3. Become a voice actor for a cartoon character.
Cartoons have always occupied a great amount of space in my art life. Ever since I was a kid, I was already exposed to Anime and Disney movies. I always dreamed of becoming a voice or a singing voice for my favorite heroine. I hope I can do this sometime.
4. Go to a professional fashion show
I am not a die-hard fan of the fashion industry, but fashion is also another art, and I want to see how this particular community conveys it through the runway. 
5. Travel solo.
I am not good with directions. I only remember roads by visualizing them in my mind. But travelling solo and getting lost in a place that’s totally unfamiliar to you is such an adventure! 
6. Ride a helicopter.
Childish, yes, but it’s the only army vehicle I haven’t tried yet ( thanks to my Dad who always took us on summer vacations in Tanks and army trucks.)!
7. Go on picnic dates out of town.

Often times I wish me and Edmund are already married, so we can have the time and luxury to decide where we want to go without having to ask permission from my mother. Sometimes being single (in a legal sense), has so much restrictions, especially in a typical Filipino family where the girl, who is also the youngest sibling, always has to seek approval from her parents on what she does and where she goes. Every. Single. Time.
8. Visit international museums.

I can’t even begin to fathom the awe and wonder I’ll feel if I ever saw the great Mona Lisa painting.
9. Live beside the sea or on a mountain.
Cool breeze in the morning, fresh air, sand on your feet, the sound of cicadas gracing the morning- Ugh. Such a wonderful environment to be in.
10. Have the courage to share Christ.
This is probably my hardest struggle. Aside from being shy in sharing the Good News to others, I feel sorely ashamed of all my wrongdoings that I feel so unworthy. I hope, with God’s help, I’ll be able to muster enough courage to share how much Christ loves us and gave Himself for us. 
Listing down the things you really want to do may give you a status about where you are in achieving these goals, and an eye-opener on how to achieve them. 
Have a good night! 🙂
Disclaimer: all photos are not mine. They are the rightful properties of their respective owners.

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