What Really Matters

Hello there. First of all,I just want to say thank you, again and again,for taking your time to read my post on Misconceptions of being an Atenean. I never thought it would gain that much readership with over 4k views in just one day. It’s still quite overwhelming to see it and hear it from friends on the web! Thank you all so much. You’ve definitely encouraged me to write more content-worthy posts here on this little vortex. All smiles right here!

:’D *cries tears of joy*

I’ve been thinking lately. Me and Edmund are nearing our anniversary this year, and I am pretty excited even though I still can’t avail my mandatory leave because of our recent Migration. After all this time, being together for almost a year now, I haven’t really gotten the chance to greet myself and see how I am doing. Have you felt that way too? That because time flies like a jet plane, you can’t spare a moment to be still and commune with your mind, soul, and body?

I want you to ask yourself: how are you?

How are you today? Many times we don’t really mind how we feel or ask how our bodies feel, because we are too preoccupied with being busy or getting everything on our to-do list done in an instant. How are you? Rarely these days do we see other people and even ourselves, talk to one another and say a simple “hello” because we are so glued to our smartphones and tablets.

How are you? often times today, relationships are “relation-less”. Sure, we have so many “friends” on Facebook or followers on Instagram and Twitter,but they will never come close to building a lasting bond as with those whom we talk (personally) constantly with. They will only be as distant as a spectator is from the actors on a stage. They can only see the highlights of our lives, but never our darkest times because we choose not to share it out loud on Social Media.

How are you? Have you taken the time to talk- I mean really talk- with your family recently? Have you said you “kamusta” to your mama and papa? Have you known that they miss you so much because you are always late for home due to overtimes in the office? Have you ever thought about that?

How are you? Do you still say a prayer every night before going to bed, or you’re too tired to even lift your eyes and just drift off to sleep? Do you seek out God first thing in the morning, or does your mind wander off to the responsibilities you need to do for the day?

I borrowed a book from a friend entitled “Life is Short- Wear Your Party Pants!” by Loretta LaRoche, and I am reminded how I almost completely forgot the feeling of being still and quiet, of identifying what really matters, because this fast-paced world’s virus of Instant, Quick methodology of doing things has already crept into my system.

God forbid that we fall into the pit of Irritability and Impatience. Remind yourself on what really matters, and take as much time to savor a hug from your mom, a kiss from your spouse or partner, a coffee date with your BFF, playtime with your kids, a sumptuous meal, and most of all, a meaningful and quiet prayer to our Lord. Life is indeed too short to focus on things that don’t last.

Have a great night, everyone. 🙂


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