Insights at 23

I got inspired by an article about getting lost at 23, so here I am,  writing my own well of thoughts about how I certainly feel right now at twenty-three:

1. It’s topsy turvy,  and it’s okay.

You know,  right now I feel so squished by everything-my family,  my work,  my boyfriend, my church.  Each of them have demands and needs that I have to meet. Sometimes everyone of them wants my attention all at the same time, and sometimes it leaves me so depleted.  It’s topsy turvy.  I know.  But I also want you to know that at twenty-three,  a topsy turvy life is sometimes your greatest turning point.  So don’t sweat it.  Let everything just scatter.  Leave the pieces as they are. You will soon realize that maybe Life has scattered them into the right places all along. 

2. You are discontented with your job, and it’s normal.

If ever you have not felt discontentment in your entire existence,  then I guess you’re not human. Having a fixed income at twenty-three is an awesome,  albeit invigorating feeling.  Working to get to your boss’s good graces,  showing off a bit that you can handle everything your employer throws at you,  is as normal as waking up in the morning at the right side of the bed.  But somehow there is always that void that you could’ve been doing something else,  something you love,  you really love.  Honestly I like my present job right now.  It’s a field full of endless knowledge and creativity.  However,  it is not the kind of creativity I want.  I want to get my hands dirty painting or smudging a sketch.  I want to sing to my heart’s content with an indie band.  I want to capture moments upon moments with a loosely hanged camera around my neck.  I love that kind of art.  It inspires me to just let go.

3. You get tired most of the time.

These days,  tiredness is my usual companion.  I sometimes stare into blank space for a split second,  literally not knowing what to do. My mind is so exhausted from processing too much at one time.  I completely understand if you feel the same way too.  Working at twenty-three is a fun yet grueling journey.

4. You want to do everything you dreamed of at twenty-three.

Inevitably,  I get jealous of the bloggers I’ve been following on Tumblr and Instagram.  How come they are having the prime of their lives enjoying the things they love and earning BIG TIME,  (not to mention) while I am here,  spending 8 hours a day and maybe even more, living the dream of another person, and earning a few percent above minimum wage?  Justice people.  Where is the justice?

5. The future is scary,  but God is there.

Yes,  uncertainty is definitely one of my least favorite emotions.  Not knowing what to do,  where to go,  when the time is right to do anything at all,  is terribly frightening.  But, you know what?  We have a God who is,  and was,  and is to come.  He knows our past,  present, and certainly our future. “Be strong and of good courage.  Be not afraid,  neither be thou dismayed,  for the Lord thy God is with you,  whithersoever thou goest. ” (Joshua 1:9) If this doesn’t give you enough assurance then I don’t know what will. 

These thoughts may not be true for all young professionals at twenty-three.  But whatever the case,  always remember that God is not a stingy God.  We may be going through these uncertain times in our lives,  but our great Lord is a keeper of promises.  He promises us salvation,  goodness,  mercy,  grace,  everlasting love,  success,  heavenly wisdom, and providence.  May we all come to embrace this wonderful covenant and live in the hope that everything will be revealed at the proper time.

Keep dreaming, keep believing,  and keep praying! 🙂


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