Life Behind the Desk

Being a professional takes a lot of hard work,  especially when you belong in the corporate world.  It’s a dog-eat-dog environment out there,  and you’ve gotta do your best to always stay ahead of your game. 

Life behind the desk,  for me,  is pretty much a thrill of many things. 

Living behind the confines of a desk made me realize:

1. You can meet a lot of people with various kinds of personality. As a banker,  I literally talk to different people everyday with different financial needs. It hones my social skills,  specially that my job description is inclined to marketing.

2. It takes a huge amount of discipline to clean up your mess.  Working from behind a desk,  it’s quite a challenging task to do as simple as cleaning your table of clutter when you have so many things to do.  Same goes with our personal lives,  we have to learn to clean up our clutter, let go of the baggage that has been burdening us,  and move on to a fresh start.

3. Life behind the desk can be constraining,  that is why sometimes you need to stand up,  get up,  and stretch out.  Literally and metaphorically speaking. 

4. Work or business can be draining.  Take some time off when you have the opportunity.

5. Learn to manage your time.  We are given 8 hours a day to work.  Staying up late in the office does not constitute you’re hardworking. It shows how inefficient you are not to be able to finish your set of goals within the allotted timeframe. 

I am thankful for this wonderful work God has blessed me with.  Each day is a new kind of experience for me and my colleagues.  Sometimes it is tiring,  that is why we constantly need to ask the Lord for encouragement and strength.  I hope all of us, employed or not,  having a business or not,  appreciate the value of work and love what we do.  🙂


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