For most professionals, whether an employer or employee, work is a combination of many things. A lot of us, however, seem to be getting out of the office later than usual, working our wits out just to finish the day’s tasks. Being in Security Bank for about two years now,
our company constantly reminds us about efficiently dividing our 8 hours during the day to finish the workload that’s been given to us.

Here is the methodology with which we, Security Bankers, do to maintain efficiency in the workplace:


1.) Sorting
Many bank tellers would relate to this word. They systematically sort their cash according to design, denomination, and state (whether it is still in good condition or mutilated.). Just like in tellering, we need to sort out the things that we usually need in our work area with those that we don’t need as much, and then eliminate the latter.

2.) Set In Order
Now that you have sorted out the usual things or items you need for work, try setting them in order by putting them in places wher you can have easy access when you need them. Of course, you must maintain principle number One as you put order in your work area.
3.)  Shine
“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” as they say, and that’s true. As 1 Cor. 14:40 puts it, “Let everything be done decently and in order.” Steer your tables clean of any clutter so that you won’t have a hard time finding the things you need in a mess.
4.) Standardize
We all have our standard way of doing things. You can also apply it to how you maintain your work areas. Standardizing your work procedures not only saves you wasted time from cleaning up, it can also leave a lasting impression on your client/s.
5.) Sustaining
All of the other four principles of work efficiency would be useless without Sustainance. Sustaining and maintaining these habits in the workplace or business will definitely make life more easier for us who are always on the go. 
Being efficient at work does not guarantee an overnight success, but it does help us in molding our discipline towards whatever assignment is ahead of us. Always remember these 5 S’s- practice and live them. They can definitely change the way you work. 🙂


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