Street Style Sophisticute

I’d have to borrow one of Tricia Gosingtian ‘s many coined words from one of her various stages of fashion evolution throughout the years: “Sophisticute“. In today’s #OOTD I wanted to channel that inner cute child in me while still maintaining a sort of rugged look for the weekend. Check out below!:


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Forever Pink: Forever21

Good morning, guys! It’s been months since I’ve been here. How are you all doing? I still can’t believe that it’s already the start of the Christmas season! A lot has been going in my life right now, what with a new job, a new company, and new colleagues. But God has been good, and He has helped me transition to this new chapter in my journey. So much for that, today is another OOTD day. Take a look! Deets below:

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Purple Blue Touch

Hi everyone! I have not had any fashion-related posts for the longest time, so I decided to share with you what I wore for today’s Sunday morning worship service. Deets below!

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I’ve always loved neoprene midi skirts. This one was bought from Instagram online shop @vainillaph.

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Forever 26, Forever Thankful


Turning twenty-six is like any other normal day in your life. You wake up at 6 AM, check your phone, take a bath, have breakfast, and finally, you’re off to work. And it’s the same thing everyday. Personally, I don’t feel any difference in the way I carry myself, the way I dress or talk, much less eat. I still go to my constant Mcdonald’s restaurant. I still ditch movie houses for movie marathons at home. I still crack silly jokes with my boyfriend. I still am the same me. But, being twenty-six has taught me a lot of new lessons as well.
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Japan 2017: An Amateur’s Guide (Day 4)

Hi Everyone. I have not been able to continue posting about my Japan trip due to the ongoing political crisis in my homeland, Mindanao, specifically in the city of Marawi. In light of the recent invasion by the Maute Group in that city, the President declared Martial Law here in Mindanao to ultimately control the rebellious acts of those infidels. I’m sorry for being harsh in my words, but those scumbags have done enough harm and danger for so long a time, and now this happened. It’s tiring to be watching the news all the time (and most of them are biased news if I may say so) and seeing people in that area fearing for their lives, entrapped in the midst of constant war just because of those stupid rebel groups who have done nothing but disrupt the peace in Mindanao.

Anyway, so much for that.
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Pray for Marawi

As we speak, the city of Marawi is bleeding right now. Please pray for my land, Mindanao. President Rodrigo Duterte already declared Martial law in the entire island due to the ongoing terrorist attacks by the Maute Group in Marawi city. Hospitals have been seiged, jails burned, police stations ambushed. My God I cannot even begin to tell about the casualties. There’re news that the next targets will be my city of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan city.

We badly need your prayers.